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Schools are Streamlining the Purchase of Educational Supplies

For as long as we can remember, purchasing education supplies has been one of the most complex and difficult tasks assigned to teachers and administrators. Before the advent of online shopping, it involved traveling around to dozens of stores and hoping that one of them would have the things that you need. Often, this was a massive time sink and would regularly result in a few supplies going unpurchased as they had already been purchased by other teachers and administrators in need of educational supplies.


At Amazon, we understand the importance of having all the supplies that you need in the classroom. And that’s why we've been hard at work streamlining the purchasing process for education supplies. With Amazon on your side, you can take advantage of benefits like fast shipping and multi-distributor purchasing to ensure that your classroom or school office gets stocked quickly and efficiently. Best of all, you get all of these benefits while still getting the best possible prices on hundreds of classroom supplies.


School teachers can take advantage of fast shipping

When online shopping became the norm, people were thrilled that they could finally make all of the purchases they needed from a single platform. However, some of that thrill wore off when people realized just how long it can take for products to get to where they need to go. And when it comes to buying education supplies, getting your products as quickly as possible is of the utmost importance.


We know that lacking the proper supplies can seriously impact the classroom and students’ ability to keep learning at a good rate. So we place a huge emphasis on getting you what you need as quickly as possible.


We're able to do this thanks to our longstanding reputation for rapid shipping, which we've developed over more than a decade. People know that fast shipping is synonymous with Amazon. If you're a schoolteacher or administrator in need of supplies, then you can trust that any order you place through our store will arrive at your door in a timely manner. In the end, this will help you keep your classroom running without having to sacrifice your own time off the clock to go hunting for supplies in retail stores.


Multiple distributors help you overcome supply chain issues

When shopping for school supplies, it's not uncommon for you to stumble upon stores where certain products have already sold out. The problem is that when stores are out of a certain product, you rarely have a guarantee that you will get what you need. You can run around from store to store, but even if you call ahead of time, there's no way to ensure that you’ll find exactly what you need. , 


This exact issue is why Amazon has made it a point to work with so many distributors. By working with as many distributors as we do, we can make it easy to get the items you need. Not only does this make it rarer than ever for an item to be out of stock, but it also makes your shipping and ordering process easier. Now, instead of having to go to several different stores or distributor websites, you can simply purchase all of your education supplies from a single store and have them all arrive in bulk shipments. This ultimately makes it easier to get everything you need even more quickly than before.


Multiple accounts get teachers and administrators what they need

Finally, when it comes to purchasing educational supplies from the school account, it's often a hassle to get purchases approved. And that's not because the purchases get rejected so much as it is that they have a tendency to take forever to be reviewed.


Unfortunately, as you already know, not having essential supplies can lead to having to change your lesson plans, which ultimately impacts the quality of education that your students are able to receive. Thankfully, we know that neither you nor your administrator want that.


At Amazon, we've developed a strategy that can allow you to order the products you need without having to involve your purchasing department every time. With multiple purchaser accounts, your administrators can set teachers up with accounts that have independent purchasing permissions. These accounts are still controlled by the main account, and can have purchasing limits applied so that big ticket items still have to go through the usual channels. But smaller items that are fairly inexpensive can just be purchased whenever they are needed.


If these purchasing methods and other advantages sound like something that could benefit your school, then you can sign up for a free Amazon Business account today and start exploring the many benefits of our service for your education supply needs.

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