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Enhance Back to School Procurement with Request for Quote

Save time and improve efficiency with bulk orders and RFQs

WEBINAR: Request for Quote

Streamline quoting for smart business buying

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With Back to School around the corner, Amazon Business hosted a series of on-demand webinars to highlight features and tools to help school administrators and staff prepare for return to class. The Request for Quote tool is designed to help customers leverage Amazon Business’ competitive supplier network for increased savings opportunities and consolidated shipments. Key takeaways from the discussion include:



Unlocking efficiency with bulk purchasing tools

Request for Quote enables customers to request quotes from sellers on Amazon Business for bulk orders, RFPs, and RFQs. With over 20,000 third-party sellers participating, the tool offers a vast and diverse selection. The process is simple: Customers search for a product, select the “Buy in Bulk” option, and proceed to request a quote. Within 48 hours customers receive responses from different sellers – complete with shipping timeframes, seller ratings, and fulfillment rates.


Bulk buying best practices

The Request for Quote tool can be accessed by anyone with an approved Amazon Business account and is not limited to account administrators. However, it’s important for school administrators to ensure that approved buyers are aligned with your organization’s buying policies and have clarity on what products are needed, the desired quantity, and delivery requirements. We recommend engaging with your organization’s dedicated customer advisor to maximize the tool’s potential and enforce buying guardrails.


Upcoming enhancements

Exciting updates are on the horizon for the Request for Quote. In the near future, users can expect a downloadable quote option that makes it easier to present quotes to boards or leadership. Additionally, basket-level quoting is in development, which will streamline procurement further by allowing multiple products to be included in a single quote request.



The Request for Quote empowers organizations to streamline their procurement process, save time, and obtain competitive quotes from a wide range of sellers. By leveraging this tool, customers can benefit from better pricing, consolidated shipments, and improved efficiency in their purchasing workflows. Stay tuned for the upcoming enhancements that will make the quoting process even more seamless. Take advantage of this valuable tool and maximize your organization's buying potential with Amazon Business.

Start saving with Request for Quote or contact a Customer Advisor to learn more.

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