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Accounts Payable Made Easy With 3-Way Match

Whether you're at your desktop, in the mailroom, or in the front office, now you can automate the process of completing a 3-Way-Match with confidence.

Completing a three-way match for multiple purchases within an organization can be a complex and time-consuming task for any accounts payable team. With Amazon Business’s 3-Way Match, you can have confidence in the reconciliation process to quickly process invoices and close your books on time. 


What is a Three-Way Match?

A three-way match combines the data from the purchase order, invoice, and either the packaging or receiving slip to ensure delivery and payment accuracy and compliance within your procurement process. By cross-referencing these three key documents, organizations can effectively validate their purchases and prevent errors, discrepancies, and fraudulent activities. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) report, these types of errors can cost a company an estimated 5% of its annual revenue.

Three-Way Match Benefits with Amazon Business

Today, many accounts payable teams suffer from manually matching these documents which is prone to errors, incorrect payments, and even fraud. When your buyers purchase on Amazon Business, our automated 3-Way Match solution consolidates all documentation needed in one place, giving your accounts payable team the peace of mind to quickly and accurately make a payment. Using 3-Way Match to automate the process empowers businesses to streamline procurement operations, reduce errors, and strengthen financial compliance.


Shave hours off the reconciliation process

Centralizing all buyer purchases on Amazon Business allows you to track everything in one place and increase the speed of completing a three-way match with all documentation stored on your account. By automating the verification process, your accounts payable team can redirect their energy to focus on strategic initiatives rather than spending time on tedious tasks prone to errors.


Get the full story behind every invoice

Drill into the details whenever and however you want them. Three-Way Match integrates with Amazon Business Analytics so you can easily view and export individual order information. Get the visibility you need by line-item order or at the invoice level with the purchase order, invoice, and receiving detail at the order report level.

Reap the savings of automation

Over payments, duplicates, and incorrect invoices can be a huge loss of money for any organization. Receipt of an invoice often kick starts the payment and the three-way matching process. When this process is automated, your accounts payable team can have confidence in the financial accuracy and ensure your organization is only paying for items received.


Build trust among suppliers

Consistent, accurate, and on time payments to suppliers improves trust and collaboration which in turn helps your organization strengthen supplier relationships long-term. Mitigating fraudulent payments while building trust may also lead to better offers on pricing and flexible credit terms for your organization.

Everything in one place, no matter where you are

Speed up the reconciliation of three-way matching by tracking, inspecting, and receiving items in one centralized place. Whether you’re at your desktop or away, you can use the Amazon Business mobile app to view and track the receiving status. Even more, you can use the mobile app to open up the camera on your phone to scan the barcode of your package upon delivery making it seamless to bring together the purchase order, invoice, and receipt all on your mobile device. Easily connect the dots between identifying discrepancies and ensuring an accurate and on time payment. Plus, our customer service integration allows you to remedy issues quickly and give transparency into the order receiving status. 


How to get started with 3-Way Match

    1. Sign in to your Amazon Business account and go to Business settings.
    2. Under Billing & shipping, select Receiving, and then choose the appropriate group or subgroup.
    3. Select Receiving Settings, and then choose Yes, track receiving to allow the designated receivers to mark items as received or not received.
    4. Select Save to save your changes and enable receiving.
    1. On the Receiving page, select the order for which you want to update receiving. You can use the Refine by filter or use the Date range filter to find orders.
    2. For each item in the shipment, enter the quantity of items received or select Mark everything received to mark all items as received. 
    3. Select Save to save the details.
    1. Download the Amazon Business Mobile App.
    2. Sign in to your Amazon Business account and go to Business Settings.
    3. Under Manage Your Business select Receiving (3-Way Match).
    4. Select Scan code and allow camera access to scan your packages barcode.
    5. Point your camera at the barcode or data matrix code on the shipping label to get to the Receiving screen.
    6. If you have received all of your items in a delivery, select Mark everything received.
    7. If you have not received all of your items in a delivery, select Items missing or Received for each item.

Get started with 3-Way Match today—your accounts payable team will thank you later.  

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