The rise of B2B e-commerce

The rise of B2B e-commerce

The rapid growth of the global B2B e-commerce channel offers big opportunities for business buyers and sellers.

B2B e-commerce is too big to ignore.


With business buyers accustomed to the convenience of online shopping in their personal lives, they’re turning increasingly to online sources to meet their procurement needs.


The result? Global B2B e-commerce transactions are growing at a faster rate than online retail sales and are expected to reach 9 trillion in 2021. (Mapping the $9 Trillion US B2B Online Commerce Channel, Forrester, April 2018).


To better understand the B2B channel and what it means for your organization, Amazon Business developed this complete reportThe rise of B2B e-commerce. Newly updated, it provides insights to help you take advantage of this expanding global channel.


You’ll learn:


  • Why B2B e-commerce is increasing, and where it’s rising fastest

  • How can sellers quickly grow sales and expand their global reach

  • Who is buying, and what products are selling, on Amazon Business

  • What features attract B2B buyers to Amazon Business

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