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The Surprisingly Smart Way Throne Fosters Deeper Connections Between Creators and Their Audiences

Throne relies on Amazon Business to fulfill orders that help customers gift their favorite creators the things they need to be successful.

It's no secret that social media influencers are given free things by companies to help market their products, but with the increasing popularity of platforms like Twitch and TikTok that help anyone create viral content, gifting practices have radically changed. Gifting isn't just reserved for influencers with millions of followers anymore–it's for anyone with a fan base that loves their creative output. And there's a company on the front lines of this new wave of giving: Throne, a Dallas-based gifting and commerce platform for creators that was founded in the Fall of 2021.


"Some creators have a fair amount of set-up costs because they need a good camera or microphone to use for their content, and we always thought there is so much value that they are giving away for free to those who are watching them. These creators might not have certain brands reaching out to them because they don't have as large of a reach, and we wanted to support these creators by thinking of ways to help them monetize," Throne co-founder Heiner Stinner explains. "We thought about how we could bring something useful and something physical into this virtual relationship."


Instead of simply sending products for promotion, Throne takes a personalized approach by curating bespoke gifting experiences tailored to each creator's unique needs and preferences that can be purchased by their fans. By allowing creators to make a wish list of desired or needed items, Throne ensures that the gifted products not only resonate with the creator but also create genuine value for their followers.


This strategic approach to gifting allows creators and their fan bases to forge meaningful relationships, foster authentic endorsements, and create a ripple effect of positive exposure through the creators' online platforms. In an era where authenticity and genuine connections matter, Throne's approach to gifting sets a new standard for personal giving experiences while keeping creator privacy as their top priority.


Simple, practical access to a massive e-commerce network.

As Throne sought ways to help personalize the giving experience, they found that with a marketplace model, they needed a broad product catalog to show a vast selection of gifting options was available for people to purchase. There was only one solution that made perfect sense: Amazon Business.


"Amazon Business has a gigantic catalog of products, and for our use case, creators don't just want Apple AirPods. Sometimes they want everyday items like a spoon or hot sauce," Stinner explains.


From a realistic standpoint, Throne couldn't approach every single company that produced these types of products. But with Amazon Business, the sheer number of products already in their marketplace made more items accessible for Throne's customers. "We needed the creators to know we have the brands that they want so in the end, they can be happy," Stinner says.

"With Amazon Business, it doesn't matter if we buy five pens or 5,000 pens in one day, it is incredible how reliable and fast they are."

— Heiner Stinner, Throne Co-founder

Logistics at scale.

Beyond the robust product catalog, Amazon Business also provides Throne with support in shipping, global logistics, and customer support.


"We ship a lot of orders, and there are few merchants that are reliable at scale," Stinner adds. "With Amazon Business, it doesn't matter if we buy five pens or 5,000 pens in one day, it is incredible how reliable and fast they are. If you think about the momentum you create with a fan as a creator, if someone buys something for you, it pops up on your stream, you thank the fan, and it arrives at your doorstep the next day. It's a seamless experience."


Prior to Amazon Business and their assistance in different markets, Throne was purchasing items from many different vendors. For example, they were buying items for U.S. clients in Canadian markets, which caused them to experience issues with Customs. But with Amazon Business, they have dedicated support that can explain topics like different sales tax rates in the U.S. or import taxes so that they can translate Amazon's experience to their own business.


As they continue their relationship, Stinner sees a lot of potential for Throne to leverage other Amazon offerings. "In various perspectives, we are very happy with this deep relationship with Amazon, and I see big potential for Amazon in other areas of our business," he says.


Originally published on Entrepreneur, click here to view.

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