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Top 3 reasons to choose Amazon Business to grow your company

Get everything you need for your business from supplies to software solutions all in one place.

More businesses are reducing costs, saving time, and putting their customers first. How? With a free Amazon Business account you get the value, convenience, and selection, needed to grow your business—all within the familiar experience of Amazon. Today, more than 5 million businesses worldwide choose Amazon Business, here’s why.


1. Get what you need, when you need it—on your terms

When you create a free Amazon Business account, you’re instantly connected to hundreds of thousands of sellers who can offer business-relevant products and selection, quantity discounts, and access to time-saving software solutions to help your business run smoothly. Businesses need a supplier that can meet the complexities of their business, that’s why we’re connecting businesses to a simpler purchasing process.

Access to a wide selection of products and brands
With hundreds of millions of products across business-relevant categories from sellers worldwide, Amazon Business is a one-stop shopping experience for your buyers. Stock and replenish items needed for your business from office and IT to breakroom and sanitation supplies—find what you’re looking for all in one place. Plus, when you buy in bulk you can save up to 10% with Quantity Discounts from the brands you trust.

Boost compliance with buying policies
The more employees you have buying for your business the more guardrails you need in place to keep an eye on spend and manage expenses. We offer easy solutions for businesses to set buying preferences and restrictions such as Guided Buying and Budget Management.

Customize delivery preferences to meet your business’ needs
Choose how and when you want orders delivered with convenient shipping options that are customized to your business. Choose preferred weekdays and times to receive shipments and identify business closure days and holidays on which you cannot receive deliveries.

"As a growing startup company, we have run into a number of pain points as we continue to expand. One of the most pressing was a rapidly growing vendor list, resulting in increased employee spending and visibility reduced with more transactions taking place. We worked with Amazon Business to set up a solution in a matter of days that created immediate time and cost savings for our team." 

— Adam Cohen, Senior Manager - Finance & Accounting, Mason

2. Streamline the day-to-day running of your business

Simplify account management
Empower your employees to get what they need by adding them to a single account to streamline business purchases. When you add users to your account, they are able to purchase under a single business account with their own user name and password, keeping everyone’s purchases secure while their selection and spend are visible to the account administrator(s)—creating added efficiency and visibility.

Share buying responsibilities with Reorder Lists
Add, organize, sort, and prioritize products that you frequently purchase for your business with Reorder Lists. Save time on business purchases and quickly replenish supplies from these lists, or share lists with others on your account.


Save time with automated workflows
Consolidate purchases and invoices into a digital system to reduce paperwork and the time you spend tracking workflows. With multiple buyers in your account, you can streamline purchases through Amazon Business to easily reconcile expenses and reduce employee expense reports and manual error-prone processes.

“It’s difficult for businesses in Red River to get what they need efficiently, given we’re a few hours from the city. With features such as Business Prime and Reorder Lists, I just keep a list of my commonly purchased items, and in a push of a button anywhere on site, I’m restocked in 2 days without spending hours leafing through catalogs, or worse, driving to and from Albuquerque.”

— Michael Calhoun, Owner, Red River Brewing Company

3. Optimize cash flow and expand value beyond cost savings

Exclusive savings and discounts
Shop in the most comprehensive online store for business and compare offers from competing sellers. Gain access to exclusive prices, quantity discounts, and leverage Business Prime for free shipping on select items. For example, you can shop for products in bulk quantities, like pallets of paper or garbage bags, at competitive, everyday prices.

Visualize business spending with reports and dashboards
Track spending and discover new ways to reduce costs. Included with your free Amazon Business account, Amazon Business Analytics gives visibility into purchase history and spend across your business helping to make informed business and budgeting decisions. Further, when you become a member of Business Prime, you can take advantage of Spend Visibility and leverage pre-built reports and dashboards or create your own to better visualize spend.

Flexible payment options
Manage cash flow in ways that flex with your business needs with tools like shared payment methods or Pay by Invoice upon approval. You can choose from multiple payment methods and easily set up your account to ensure seamless purchasing. Organize your buyers into groups so they can purchase using shared payment methods and put controls in place to better manage and track spending within your organization.

Get started with a free Amazon Business account today to simplify buying and start spending time on what matters.