Forrester study proves Amazon Business customers see return on investment from a Business Prime membership plan
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The Total Economic Impact of Amazon Business and Business Prime

Large enterprises can realize an estimated 324% ROI over three years on Amazon Business with Business Prime

Amazon Business partnered with Forrester Consulting to examine the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Business Prime. The Total Economic Impact of Amazon Business with Business Prime gives both current and prospective customers looking to practice smart business buying a better understanding of the tools, costs, and risks associated with investing in the membership program. 


Thanks to additional tools associated with the report — like the Amazon Business with Business Prime Savings Calculator — customers can get a high-level view of the potential savings a Business Prime membership might afford their organization.

Forrester took an in-depth look at the value Amazon Business customers could receive from a Business Prime Enterprise plan membership. Research indicates that, at $10,099 per-year for more than 100 plan users, these customers can realize a potential 324% return on investment (ROI) over three years. Over that same period, the net present value (NPV) of a membership can reach $311,000. Customers can also save 1,420 hours annually, receive orders 41% faster, and reduce suppliers onboarded annually by 12%. 


Amazon Business’ goal in launching this report was to speak directly to the value that Business Prime can bring to a large-scale enterprise organization.

“One of our main goals [with Business Prime] was to get access to data so we’d understand what and where we were spending on.”

— Director of strategic sourcing, agriculture industry

“One of the best parts of my job is seeing the customer response to Business Prime, and how being a member has changed so many different types of organizations,” said Mark Miller, worldwide head of Business Prime. “Still, we’re Amazon. We’re always on the hunt for more data. That’s why we called on a trusted third-party partner like Forrester to help us take a closer look.”


The report includes a composite customer developed from in-depth interviews with current Business Prime members. It’s from these conversations with procurement professionals and organizational leadership that key savings metrics like potential ROI can be calculated. Forrester then went deeper — surveying an additional 219 respondents from across North America and Europe to get a clearer picture as to how the benefits of a Business Prime membership impact an organization’s bottom line.

Time and money savings for organizations on a Business Prime membership is a major theme throughout the report. But customers also speak specifically to key benefits like enhanced access to Guided Buying and Spend Visibility, extended terms for Pay by Invoice, and the familiar fast, free delivery they’re used to when shopping at home.

“We might have had a rough idea of what we spend on office supplies, but we didn’t know what and from where we were buying items,” said a director of strategic sourcing from the agriculture industry. “One of our main goals [with Business Prime] was to get access to data so we’d understand what and where we were spending on.”

Added a director of purchasing from the education space who was interviewed for the report: “I look at the spend analytics myself and the biggest savings has probably been on shipping.”

Learn more about the Total Economic Impact of Amazon Business with Business Prime when you download the full report. Customers can also engage with an interactive savings calculator tool that gives high-level estimated savings metrics with just a few basic inputs.

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