What to expect at Amazon Business Reshape 2024

We’re excited to bring you a slate of sessions featuring the latest innovations in Smart Business Buying.

As procurement functions across industries and sectors step into making greater business impacts and larger strategic initiatives, new responsibilities are falling to procurement leaders. This shift includes everything from uncovering cost savings and increasing supply chain resilience to prioritizing sustainability efforts and supporting emerging talent.

This wave of change represents positive growth for your organization and your team. But it also means there are more demands and expectations on your time than ever. We often hear from customers that it’s an exciting time to be a procurement leader, but it’s also a challenging time.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you Amazon Business Reshape 2024, which offers a dedicated space to zoom out from your daily work and take stock of the bigger picture. As with our 2023 event, we’ve assembled another industry-leading mix of speakers, panelists, and customers to share their Smart Business Buying stories, innovations, and solutions to the challenges we face.

Amazon Business Reshape 2024

Throughout Amazon Business Reshape 2024, you can expect to:

  • Reflect on procurement’s evolving responsibilities
    Attend sessions centered on big-picture topics like procurement’s role in shaping high-level business objectives. Participate in discussions grounded in customer and partner success stories.
  • Revitalize traditional strategies
    Default approaches to procurement aren’t enough for future-focused teams. Learn from voices leading the charge to adopt Smart Business Buying practices and challenge the status quo.
  • Reimagine your vision for the future
    Join in on sessions that provide action-oriented learning opportunities to put the reflecting and strategizing you’ve done into action. Focus on the tactical steps required in the short, medium, and long term that will have a lasting impact on your organization’s business goals.

Can we count you in?

The rapid evolution of procurement demands strategic foresight and proactive engagement with new tools and practices. This makes continuous learning and networking more important than ever-whether you’re an emerging procurement professional or a seasoned leader.

At Amazon Business Reshape 2024, you’ll have a unique opportunity to enhance your technical and strategic approaches while connecting with some of the brightest minds in procurement technology, finance, and strategy. Register now to reserve your spot at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel September 24-25. Spaces are limited, so don’t wait.

It’s time to reshape the future of procurement!

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