Reshape 2023

Why AI Sits at the Intersection of Procurement and Innovation

Amazon Business Reshape will cover the evolving impact of AI on top procurement trends and challenges.

As we prepare for another year of business innovation and agility, one topic is on every procurement leader’s mind: AI.


Whether you think AI has surfaced overnight or believe it’s been a long time coming, there’s no denying the technology is set to make its mark within procurement spaces. As is true with most emerging technologies though, practical applications and real-world use cases often follow one step behind the hype cycle


So, where does that leave procurement decision-makers tasked with making AI a reality at their organizations? It’s an important question—and one we’ve set out to answer at this year’s Amazon Business Reshape 2023 conference, heading to Chicago this November 14th and 15th.


If this overview of our AI programming sounds like the right fit for your business needs, there’s still time to register for the premier annual conference for Smart Business Buying.


What’s the deal with AI and procurement?

In developing AI-focused programming for this year’s Amazon Business Reshape conference, we started by looking back at the work we’ve already done within the AI space. Good news—we’re not new to the world of AI and have always been a leader in emerging technologies for procurement professionals.


For years, Amazon Business—and Amazon more broadly—has prioritized the introduction of AI and machine learning (ML) advancements to offer our customers more efficient and intelligent buying experiences. We’ve used AI and ML to uncover more innovative ways of understanding buying habits and other purchasing patterns, with the goal of reducing friction and, where possible, price.

From the back-office and beyond, AI has long been an influential factor in our decision-making, customer experience, and data analytics capabilities. AI is already present in our search mechanisms, product recommendations, spend visibility, buying policies, and more. So, after reflecting on the work we’ve already accomplished, we started to think more future-forward.


As companies earn access to increased volumes of data, AI and ML will bridge into even more diverse and high-impact use cases. We are excited to share several sessions that highlight how we will be thinking about and using AI in the near future.


Bookmark these AI sessions at Amazon Business Reshape 2023

As we look toward the future—and our annual Smart Business Buying conference this November—here’s a sampling of sessions that will touch on AI that you won’t want to miss:


Procurement, Automation, AI, and the Race to Strategic Agility

AI on the brain? Join Stephany Lapierre, CEO, TealBook, for a discussion about the beneficial relationship between automation and procurement. With generative AI solutions at the top of every decision-maker’s list, learn about opportunities to improve your business operations, and how to save time and money with AI on your side. Stephany will be joined by Stephanie Lang, General Manager, Commercial Sector and Healthcare at Amazon Business, for an in-depth interview on the state of AI and procurement across industries—and where your organization fits into the mix.


Tech Premier: What’s Driving Change at Amazon Business? AI and Beyond

Join Doug Gray, VP, Technology at Amazon Business, as he explores the changing landscape of procurement technology as well as the impact of ongoing digital evolution on modern businesses. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how recent Amazon Business innovations and Smart Business Buying solutions can help your organization thrive in any economy, and get a sneak peek at the innovations we’re developing with procurement, finance, and big-picture decision-makers in mind. Learn, be curious, and chart a course for the next level of technology.


Navigate the Future of Procurement with AI 

Explore the transformative world of AI-powered procurement strategies with Amazon Business. This session is designed to spotlight the significant impact that Artificial Intelligence has on reshaping the landscape of procurement. Prepare yourself for an insightful overview of the sophisticated AI features integrated within Amazon Business, accompanied by a warm introduction to the distinguished panel of three Amazon speakers who will be sharing their expertise. The session will foster a lively and engaging panel format, promising to grant the audience a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of AI-enhanced procurement strategies.


AI is just the tip of the iceberg for what procurement leaders can learn about at Amazon Business Reshape this year.  Eplore our full programming and three unique learning tracks – Procuring Change, Strategic Agility, and Nimble Finance – so you can plan your ideal conference experience. We hope to see you there!

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