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Become a Business Prime member and get benefits from Your Catalog for your organization

With Your Catalog, businesses can save more time and gain more control by simplifying employees’ buying process

Amazon Business announced the worldwide launch of Your Catalog for Business Prime Enterprise subscribers, a curated products frontpage for your organization.
In many organizations, it is the account admin’s job to provide a standardized and simple buying process to employees for their job-related buying needs. However, being compliant to procurement policies, identifying reliable vendors, and finding relevant product selection are not easy tasks. Additionally, managing employee buyers’ journeys and providing a seamless buying experience can be one of the account admins’ biggest frustrations while it is the key success for them.

That is why Amazon Business has launched Your Catalog. Learn more about how this tool can innovate your product workflows and processes.


How it works

For Business Prime Enterprise members, Your Catalog generates a customized frontpage for your organization, where your employee buyers can easily navigate and search for the products they need.

  1. The account admins use Amazon Business’s policy type – preferred, restricted and blocked – for the products or sellers.
  2. Amazon Business then generates a curated product frontpage using the product data pulled from your preferred policy. In this case, if you change the policy status of the product from preferred to restricted or blocked, Amazon Business will automatically remove that product from Your Catalog frontpage. (Please note that this action will take up to 48 hours.)
  3. From there, employee buyers can simply pick and choose the products from the catalog and enjoy the simple shopping experience with Amazon Business.

Your catalog gave us more control than we’ve ever had over the products that teachers could request, and allowed us to steer teachers towards items that had greater likelihoods of success.

— Donors Choose

For account admins: Easily gain more control over the buying process for the organization

With Your Catalog, it is much easier for account admins to manage employee buyers’ purchasing process, while remaining compliant, by simply showing them a curated product selection that they are allowed to buy. Account admins can easily steer employees toward the right products, suppliers, and product categories, and they can save time spent answering employee questions about buying guidelines.


For employee buyers: Clearly know what products to buy and save time on shopping

On the Your Catalog page, employee buyers only get to see the product selection curated for them, taking the mystery out of shopping for work by providing clear answers to the question “What am I allowed to buy?” This turns procurement rules into easy-to-follow steps for employees. As Your Catalog simplifies the buying process and enhances employee buyers’ shopping experience, it can also reduce time spent for shopping significantly.

Your Catalog is available exclusively with Business Prime. Learn more about Business Prime and find out which plan makes the most sense for your business so you can take advantage of Your Catalog.


Check out the Release note here.

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