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ClickHere2Shop scales to new customers with Amazon Business

How Amazon Business opened the door to new industries for the minority-owned small business 

A company with a mission

When Taj Rowland was just 7-years-old, he was kidnapped from his family in India, sold to an orphanage, and adopted by a couple in the United States. After growing up in Utah, Taj successfully reunited with his family in India and now splits his time between the two countries. Shaped by his personal journey, Taj founded ClickHere2Shop - an e-commerce destination for anything from office supplies to home and garden to electronics - in 2008 with a mission to help the underprivileged in India. ClickHere2Shop now has several offices in India, and part of the company’s proceeds benefit a nonprofit that brings water and other essentials to underdeveloped areas in India.


Expanding into larger businesses

After initial success selling direct to consumers, ClickHere2Shop attempted to sell into larger organizations and educational institutions, but faced challenges due to existing vendor contracts or policies within corporations, school districts, and universities. Jade Hansen, Director of Operations at ClickHere2Shop, recalls the challenges that the company faced: "Even when we were able to reach the right purchasing decision makers, the existing policies prevented us from doing business with those organizations." They eventually found some early success locally due to in-person relationships they fostered, but there was still a huge untapped opportunity to scale to the rest of the country.

As an existing Amazon.com seller, ClickHere2Shop started to see an influx of orders coming from businesses. When Amazon Business launched in 2015, ClickHere2Shop naturally jumped at the opportunity to scale their operations and increase their reach by leveraging B2B tools to specifically target business customers.

Amazon Business offers a suite of B2B-specific tools that help sellers reach millions of business customers already buying on Amazon. Understanding that business buyers tend to buy in bulk and expect lower prices in doing so, ClickHere2Shop activated tiered quantity discounts and created case packs and pallets to increase large order quantities and ultimately grow their sales. Enabling bulk buying not only saves ClickHere2Shop shipping costs, but it also allows them to pass those savings onto customers through steeper discounts.

ClickHere2Shop also expanded its product selection based on personalized recommendations from B2B Product Opportunities reports, which has opened the door to new industries. “We had never considered targeting home builders and remodelers before,” says Jade. “Now we’ve created a niche market in those categories, resulting in an average of 10 units per sale compared to our B2C average of 1.15 units per sale.”

"Amazon Business is one of the driving forces in our growth, accounting for nearly 30% of all sales on Amazon."

— Jade Hansen, Director of Operations at ClickHere2Shop

This is just the beginning

Amazon Business helped ClickHere2Shop achieve their goal of selling into larger corporations, the education sector, and more. Since selling on Amazon Business, ClickHere2Shop reported a steady growth of 15% or more in B2B sales year over year. In some product categories, they have seen a nearly 60% uptick. “Amazon Business is one of the driving forces in our growth, accounting for nearly 30% of all sales on Amazon,” says Jade. “We will continue to partner with Amazon Business to give B2B customers the selection they’re looking for at the price points they want.”

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