Hockinson Market

Hockinson Market saves on essentials with Amazon Business  

Jim VanNatta and Hockinson Market 

26 years ago, Jim VanNatta bought Hockinson Market, a country store that sold groceries, gas, and video rentals, in Clark County Washington, close to where he and his wife grew up. After years of booming development in the area, Jim’s bustling business was brought to a halt in 2008 due to the recession. With decreased foot traffic, chain stores moving into the area, and the video rental aspect of his business becoming obsolete, he needed to pivot quickly. Four years had gone by with no income coming in from the business. However, Jim did not give up.


Hockinson Market Business Profile

Hockinson Market pivots to serve pizza and more 

Creativity and a little experimentation helped Jim transform Hockinson Market from a country store to a thriving pizza shop and tap room. Today, Hockinson Market serves several varieties of pizza and a selection of local beers and ciders on tap. Jim now has a co-manager (his son Justin) and 13 additional employees. In 1928, Hockinson Market was created as a central one-stop shop, the main hub for the local community to connect. A few years short of a century later, Hockinson Market continues to be a buzzing hub for the community to connect, now over a slice of pizza or a pint of beer.  

 Justin VanNatta, co-manager, Hockinson Market and the Hockinson Market pint glasses

Justin VanNatta, co-manager, Hockinson Market, in the taproom

Hockinson Market and Amazon Business

Jim is an Amazon shopper and used to use his personal account to buy supplies for Hockinson Market regularly. While shopping on Amazon via his personal account was convenient, the more purchases he made, the more orders he would have to wade through to find relevant business receipts to provide to his bookkeeper. Amazon Business offered a way to simplify his bookkeeping and more. 

Justin VanNatta, co-manager, Hockinson Market

Hockinson Market entrance

Jim's favorite Amazon Business features

  • Keeping work purchases separate

    “Creating Amazon Business, that was just genius. I don’t know who thought of that, but I’ll tell you what, that made it much easier on the bookkeeping. Not that I do the bookkeeping, but I still had to sort that stuff to send to my bookkeeper. It really has been very pleasant, and I enjoy it.”

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  • Saving on essentials

    “I recently bought latex gloves for the pizza-making and I saved a bundle. I was quite pleased. It was like 35% or maybe 40%. I’m finding things that are at pretty significant savings [on Amazon Business], and they’re everyday items that I use, which is kind of key. If they’re things that you’re repetitively using and you’re saving a bunch of money on them, that’s a good thing.”

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  • Business Prime

    “I get things delivered faster with my Business Prime.”

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Amazon Business features to explore

The Amazon Business and QuickBooks Business Purchases App and Business Lists are two features that Jim is going to explore. “ With Business Lists," stated Jim, "my son wouldn’t have to look for what I ordered or if he asks, ‘Dad, where did you get that from?’, I can say, ‘It’s on our [Business] List.’ It’s another great one [feature] to try.”  

Jim VanNatta, Owner-Operator, Hockinson Market

 "I just want to pass on a healthy business to my son. My goal in the next couple of years is to make sure that we’re still doing the right things to make him successful moving forward," 

— Jim VanNatta, Owner-Operator, Hockinson Market

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