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A long-standing relationship with Amazon Business has simplified tail spend management and procurement, supporting Nasdaq's evolving requirements.

The relationship between Nasdaq and Amazon Business has spanned several years and evolved significantly over time. Initially focused on tail spend management, this buying relationship has simplified procurement processes as Nasdaq expands globally. The collaboration has adapted due to the company's rapid growth and changing requirements. Amazon Business' consistent user experience has been seamlessly integrated into Nasdaq's business operations. Recent successes include driving value through Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, enabling purchases from veteran-owned, woman-owned, and minority-owned businesses. The ease of use and exceptional support, ranging from personal assistance to 24/7 support services, has solidified Amazon Business as a crucial element in Nasdaq's ongoing growth, both organically and inorganically, ensuring a lasting and strong alliance for the future.

"The Nasdaq and Amazon Business relationship is long, but has evolved over time. The challenge was tail spend management. That's the original business case. Amazon Business allowed us to make this simpler, especially as we have a growing footprint across the globe."

— Jake Friedman. Procurement, Contingent Labor and Analytics - Nasdaq

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