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Seamlessly streamlining their procurement process to digital

Prior to choosing Amazon Business as a strategic buying partner, Roseville Community Schools faced many challenges in their traditionally manual procurement process. Lillian Grayson, Purchasing Manager, described receiving vague orders from the district staff, with incomplete details such as "4 puzzles" or "Pack of pens." This led to extensive back-and-forth communication in order to understand the staff member’s specific requirements, causing delays and inefficiencies. There was a lack of cost visibility in the process, particularly in staff member’s shared ordering lists which added further complexity, requiring time to research before having to manually add the request into the system.


Recognizing the need for change, Lillian engaged with the district’s Amazon Business Customer Advisor to address the issues. Lillian indicated there was an Initial hesitation that the transition from an entirely manual process to one that was all digital would be very complex and therefore, a challenge in getting the entire district on board with the new process.


Despite the initial concerns, the transition to a digital procurement process proved more straightforward than anticipated. Roseville Community School’s Amazon Business Customer Advisor played a crucial role in guiding the district through each step, alleviating concerns and actively participating in the setup process. Overcoming the hurdle of district-wide acceptance, the team successfully presented the new process to the Superintendent, clarifying misconceptions about the new approval processes.  “We will still have full control over what people order, what budget they’re pulling from. Initially, [the transition] felt overwhelming, but Amazon Business helped us every step of the way. They actually did more work than I had to, which was great. It wasn’t as daunting as I thought.”

The purchasing process through Amazon Business... "It’s efficient, it’s quick, and personally, it has made my life a lot easier. It has been wonderful.”

— Lillian Grayson, Purchasing Manager at Roseville Community Schools

Lillian indicated that the new procurement process is much more efficient and simpler to use. Teachers can easily add items to their cart on Amazon Business, submitting orders for approval. The involvement of the district secretary in assigning account numbers streamlines the financial aspect, providing visibility into budget allocation before the order is placed.


The district’s Principal reviews and approves orders, but now with clear pricing details for every item. Notifications at each stage keep all stakeholders informed, reducing the need for constant follow-ups. For Lillian in purchasing, the streamlined process has eliminated the need for extensive research, as all relevant information is now accessible on a single screen.


As Lillian says, “For me, in purchasing, we still have to create purchase orders in our own system. I can type a PO up really fast and not have to look everything up. Now, everything is on the same screen. I can just scroll and see the price and it’s locked for seven days. It's efficient, it’s quick, and personally, it has made my life a lot easier. It has been wonderful.”


Lillian enthusiastically rates the change as a 20 on a scale of 1-10, highlighting the substantial positive impact on time and energy. The entire district has embraced the new process, with positive feedback emphasizing the ease and transparency it brings. Teachers feel empowered and valued as active participants in the procurement process, with timely notifications providing clarity on order status.


For Roseville Community Schools, the transition to a digital procurement process with Amazon Business has not only met, but exceeded expectations. The collaboration with their Customer Advisor, coupled with the newfound efficiency and transparency, has transformed the purchasing experience for the district. The positive feedback and improved workflow underscores the success of this strategic shift towards a modernized procurement system.


As Lillian says, “One person told me ‘I feel like I’m kind of important because they took the time to put me as part of the district account.’ It gives the requisitioners a sense of importance. Yes, we care what you want. We want to get these items into your classroom. Do what you need to do and we’ll make sure this gets done.”

"The whole process I thought was going to be very daunting and it wasn't. Amazon Business made it smooth for us and are always there if we have any kind of problem. I have heard nothing negtive since we changed to this way of procurement. It has been great, it really has."

— Lillian Grayson, Purchasing Manager at Roseville Community Schools

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