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Transforming Packaging Solutions with The Boxery  

Joining forces with Amazon Business led to 25% growth in business while opening doors to B2B customers.

Addressing Business Needs Through Innovative Packaging Solutions

The Boxery stands as a steadfast partner to businesses seeking packaging solutions by providing comprehensive range of supplies essential for their operations. From shipping and packing supplies to carrying products a business needs, such as packing tape, stretch wrap, labels, and eco-friendly alternatives, The Boxery's inventory reflects their commitment to meeting diverse business needs and ability to handle bulk orders. With over 1,000 different corrugated box sizes available, they offer a unique advantage to their customers, enabling businesses to reduce shipping costs by optimizing dimensional weight and minimizing waste. 


Expanding Reach Through Amazon Business

In pursuit of broader visibility and deeper engagement with businesses seeking reliable partners, The Boxery embraced Amazon Business as a strategic outlet. This move wasn't merely about transactions but about showcasing their role as a long-term partner in the business community. By joining Amazon Business, The Boxery has access to a B2B solution that allows them to connect with customers that need more than just a single item or a single order. By leveraging features such as Business Profile, Certifications, Business Pricing, and Quantity Discounts, The Boxery underscored its dedication to excellence, attracting recurring customers and fostering lasting relationships.


Certifications play a pivotal role in building trust and credibility for The Boxery. With Registered Small Business Certification and 889 Certification under their belt, they proudly display these accolades, signifying their commitment to quality and customer care. Recalling the small business certification, Peter C., the CEO, says, "The small business certification is a badge of honor, and it created a level of trust between us and the customer, knowing that we care for one another and want to provide the best service." This emphasis on trustworthiness has strengthened their reputation as a reliable packaging partner in the eyes of customers. Additionally, the implementation of Quantity Discounts has been instrumental in this growth trajectory, allowing The Boxery to pass on shipping benefits to customers and differentiate themselves in a competitive space. With the Amazon Business partnership, The Boxery has seen a 25% year over year increase in profit since 2021, with satisfied customers returning for their packaging needs time and again, reinforcing The Boxery's status as a trusted partner in the business community.


"The small business certification is a badge of honor, and it created a level of trust between us and the customer, knowing that we care for one another and want to provide the best service."

— Peter C., CEO, The Boxery

Charting the Path Forward

Looking ahead, Peter envisions a continued evolution in his relationship with Amazon Business. Leveraging their existing infrastructure and expertise, The Boxery is poised to explore new opportunities and programs offered by Amazon Business, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of innovation and customer service. Peter's advice to fellow sellers would be to invest time in understanding Amazon Business programs, take the time to adapt various features, get certified with unique certifications, and thrive in the ever-evolving environment.

As The Boxery continues its journey of empowering businesses with packaging solutions, their dedication to excellence, customer-centric approach, and unwavering commitment to quality serve as guiding principles, driving their success and shaping the future of packaging supply solutions.

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