Set order safeguards when punching out with Amazon Business

Customers using an external purchasing system like Coupa, Ariba, or Oracle, can now set up safeguards that tell us how to handle changed order requests.
Release Date: 25 July 2019
Last Updated: 25 July 2019

When customers place Amazon Business order requests through their purchasing systems (Coupa, Ariba, Oracle, etc.), they are simply bringing the Amazon Business cart into that purchasing system. By the time the organization’s purchasing system approves the Amazon Business order request, the original price, quantity, or other such variables may have changed.


In order to alleviate this challenge, Amazon Business customers can now customize their order safeguard preferences within the purchasing system setup. These safeguards tell us how to handle any changes that occurred during the time it took to process the order.

Example order safeguards:

  • If an item’s price changes by more than 20%, remove the item from order
  • If there is no longer enough of the ordered item, send what’s available
  • If the delivery time changes to more than 15 days, remove the item from order


Learn more about order safeguards and how to set them up.