Monitor order compliance with Spend Visibility’s new policy dashboard

Business Prime customers with Spend Visibility can now track whether employees are adhering to the organization’s Guided Buying policies with the latest Spend Visibility dashboards.
Release Date: 05 July 2019
Last Updated: 05 July 2019

New policy dashboards available in Spend Visibility:

  • Seller diversity: See how much employees are spending with small and diverse certified sellers such as Veteran-owned businesses or Woman-owned businesses.
  • Restricted items: Track the amount spent on product categories restricted by your organization.
  • Restricted sellers: See the amount spent on sellers restricted by your organization.


In order to access the policy dashboards, you must be a Business Prime small, medium, or enterprise member and have created policies using Guided Buying. The policy dashboards are available in Spend Visibility and include visualizations of your organization’s order history to better monitor your spending goals.


Don’t have access to Guided Buying policies or Spend Visibility dashboards? Explore our Business Prime plans


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