Amazon Business app available with 4 identity providers

We simplified Single Sign-On setup by adding an Amazon Business app to major identity providers like AWS SSO, Okta, OneLogin, and Microsoft Azure.
Release Date: 30 September 2019
Last Updated: 30 September 2019

Single Sign-On (SSO) integration provides a secure, centralized, and simple way to access Amazon Business. Currently, Amazon Business allows organizations to set up SSO with a variety of identity providers such as Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft Azure AD, Microsoft ADFS, AWS SSO, OpenAM, and Shibboleth.

Now, we’ve made it even easier to set up for Okta, OneLogin, and Microsoft Azure AD customers by adding a preconfigured Amazon Business application to those identity providers’ sites.

To set up the Amazon Business SSO application:

  1. Go to the admin portal of your identity provider
  2. Search for and add the Amazon Business app
  3. Download the metadata file from the app
  4. Go to Business Settings within your Amazon Business account and select Single Sign-On
  5. Follow the steps to complete the setup using the downloaded metadata file


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