Customize business delivery preferences

Amazon Business customers can customize when, where, and how they want their business deliveries.
Release Date: 20 November 2019
Last Updated: 28 February 2024

For deliveries by Amazon, customers can select specific delivery preferences which work best for their business location. Both administrators and requisitioners can customize delivery preferences. Administrators can provide delivery preferences for their Shared Addresses by visiting Addresses under Business Settings, while requisitioners can provide delivery preferences for their individual addresses by visiting Your Addresses and then selecting Edit delivery preferences. 


Administrators can also specify instructions for each location (for example, a building or campus) called location preferences. Location preferences will apply to addresses by default, unless you've specified an address delivery preference.


Delivery Preferences include:

  • Business hours of operation
  • Amazon Day for Prime and Business Prime customers
  • Same-Day delivery
  • Drop-off instructions, with security codes, callbox information, and special delivery instructions
  • Pallet preferences
  • Observed holidays


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