Delegate tasks and divide the workload with new finance and tech roles

Amazon Business account administrators can now assign specialized tech and finance permissions to grant team members visibility into account finances or the ability to set up system integrations, without giving access to the entire business account.
Release Date: 13 November 2019
Last Updated: 13 November 2019

The finance and tech roles were added to the existing roles (administrators, requisitioner, and punchout users) that an administrator can designate to people within their account. With these new roles in place, administrators can choose to divide up their workload and delegate to the specialists within their organization.
The finance role can view account details such as invoices, credit memos, order history, and analytics, but they can’t manage payments or access other parts of the account.
For Pay by Invoice customers only: Use the finance role for the Pay by Invoice accounts payable contact. This allows the contact to access credit memos and invoices, and also communicate with Amazon accounts receivable about any payment questions or concerns.
The tech role is able to set up and manage system integrations with Amazon Business such as Single Sign-On (SSO) or external purchasing systems like Coupa, Ariba, or Oracle.

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