Account admins can select separate group settings for addresses and payment methods

Account administrators can now further customize how they want employees to check out by mixing or matching company-supplied payment methods and addresses with employee-supplied ones.
Release Date: 20 November 2019
Last Updated: 20 November 2019

Amazon Business users with the Admin role can configure a purchasing group to use a mixed combination of addresses and payment methods.


Administrators can now use a mixed combination of settings, i.e. shared payment methods (provided by the Admin) with individual addresses (provided by employees) and vice versa. This is a change compared to the earlier shared settings where business customers had to choose one setting (either individual or shared) for both their payment methods and addresses for each group.


How it works:

  • Under Business Settings, select Shared settings.
  • Change the address and payment methods separately. You’ll notice selecting Individual payment method does not automatically also select Individual addresses.