Manage your budgets with blanket purchase orders (BPO)

Administrators can now allocate a budget to a group using BPOs that prevent requisitioners from overspending.
Release Date: 02 April 2020
Last Updated: 02 April 2020

Customers can have confidence in their purchasing process by setting budgets for their buying groups. Account and group administrators can allocate a set amount of funding to a purchase order (PO) number. Whenever a requisitioner places an order using that PO number, the order total is automatically subtracted from the budgeted funds. Once the funding is depleted, the requisitioners can no longer use that PO number to checkout.


Administrators can easily track the status of these budgets and update the amount at any time within the Blanket purchase order section of Business Settings. Likewise, requisitioners can also see the amount remaining in checkout to avoid going over budget.


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