Pay by Invoice offers periodic invoicing

Customers can choose to receive consolidated invoices by month, bi-weekly, or weekly
Release Date: 14 August 2020
Last Updated: 14 August 2020

Pay by Invoice, an invite-only program, now offers improved flexibility for invoicing. Customers can keep receiving individual invoices per purchase or choose the frequency for consolidating invoices by month, bi-weekly, or weekly.

When you use periodic invoices, you could have fewer invoices to manage and only one payment date instead of several. With this payment option, you’ll be able to:

  • Select the frequency and the day you receive invoices, either monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly
  • Split your invoice to send separate invoices per group, per PO number, or both
  • Choose how to receive refunds and adjustments - either a credit memo for every refund, as adjustments on your consolidated invoice, or listed on your consolidated invoice
  • Decide what name you want displayed on the invoice - either the group or invoice template name


These updates are designed to give you the ability to customize how you receive invoices for easier reconciliation.