Refine policies for preferred sellers with precise price and category guidelines

Administrators can further define a preferred seller by adding categories and pricing thresholds
Release Date: 22 January 2021
Last Updated: 25 February 2021

Administrators using Business Prime can now ensure the policy for a preferred seller pertains only to certain categories and price points.

Preferred sellers are highlighted and promoted on search results, product pages and cart so that buyers are guided towards them. Once a preferred seller policy is set up, admins can make sure the seller is highlighted only when their buyers are looking for items belonging to certain categories.

They can also add pricing conditions, comparing the seller’s pricing to the most competitive offer from other sellers on Amazon Business. Admins can state a price tolerance threshold via percentage, indicating that these sellers’ offers on an item would be highlighted only if the item’s price was at or below that threshold in comparison to the most competitive offer for that item on Amazon Business. Alternatively, they can also choose a default threshold chosen by Amazon; this will show the best offer based on price, delivery and seller attributes.

This ensures higher flexibility to admins to make decisions based on strategic supply, diversity credentials and service preferences thereby making the buying experience more efficient and in line with procurement goals.

If you’re an administrator on your organization’s Amazon Business account, get started by visiting the policies page, and selecting ‘preferred sellers..’ This does not apply to those subscribed to the Business Prime Duo plan.