Location Delivery Preferences Launch

Administrators are able to set open days and time to receive deliveries on behalf of their buyers
Release Date: 28 April 2023
Last Updated: 28 February 2024

 ‘Location Delivery Preferences’ is available to all AB customers in the US. 

  • What is ‘Location Delivery Preferences’?
    Previously, purchasers had to individually set delivery preferences for their addresses and administrators could not centrally set delivery preferences for one building or multiple locations (e.g. Corp HQ). Therefore, if multiple users created their own shipping address for the same business location, each user needed to provide the same preferences. With this launch, Administrators are able to set open days and time to receive deliveries and pick one or two days (Amazon Day) to consolidate all orders (available only to Business Prime members) from their account.

    Additionally, Purchasers from organizations accessing Amazon Business through their purchasing systems could not set delivery preferences. Administrators in their organizations can now centrally set delivery preferences on their behalf through the AB website. The configuration will apply to all ‘Amazon Fulfilled’ shipments from the business account to the corresponding street address, regardless of who the buying user is, their Group, and whether they are shopping on AB or via third party procurement software.
  • How does it work?
    In order to set Location Delivery Preferences, administrators need to:
    1. Visit Business Settings and navigate to Billing and Shipping and select Addresses and delivery preferences.    
    2. Click on the Locations tab on the left and select Edit Delivery Preferences under Actions. The preferences you set will apply to Amazon fulfilled deliveries when there are no specific buyer delivery preferences, thus reducing the burden for purchasers in those locations to set preferences.


  • What are the customer benefits?
    With this launch, Enterprise customers can enjoy a consistent and improved delivery experience and it reduces the burden on purchasers to set and edit delivery preferences. Location delivery preferences helps organizations save time for each purchaser to set delivery preferences for the same building(s).


  • Where are we launching?
    In the US only


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