Guided Buying Update: Admin Toolbar

Amazon Business customers can now prefer products and products with sustainable certifications when shopping from their desktop on the Amazon Business store.
Release Date: 30 June 2023
Last Updated: 10 August 2023

The Guided Buying Admin Toolbar is now reflected to all Amazon Business account administrators when shopping on Amazon Business.

  • What is the Guided Buying Admin Toolbar?
    The Guided Buying Admin Toolbar gives administrators the ability to prefer products, including those sustainability certifications. Administrators can shop directly on the Amazon Business store and instantly prefer a product while on the product page, creating a new policy for buyers. 


  • How does it work? 
    1. Sign-in to your Amazon Business account
    2. Search for the product you are looking for such as a keyboard, mouse, pen, etc.
    3. Once on the product detail page, the Guided Buying Admin Toolbar will appear at the top
    4. From the Guided Buying Admin Toolbar you can Prefer the product
    5. You will then be notified that your product has been added to a preferred list and the product will now be shown to all members in your selected group
    6. Select Done to save the new policy


  • What are the customer benefits?
    Guided Buying makes it easy for administrators to manage employee spending and compliance by steering buyers to the products their organization prefers. Now, with the Guided Buying Admin Toolbar administrators can create a new policy even faster for their buyers.
    Unlock even more capabilities like preferring a seller or brand and restricting a product or category when you become a Business Prime member. Further, organizations with the Business Prime Enterprise Plan have exclusive access to block products to help buyers avoid products and sellers they should never buy.


  • Where is the Guided Buying Admin Toolbar available?
    Worldwide including the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, and Japan.



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