Multi Select Capability Launch

Amazon Business buyers can now select more than one available variation of the same product in a single purchase cycle.
Release Date: 19 October 2023
Last Updated: 13 December 2023

Multi Select Capability is currently available only to AB customers in the US for Softline product category only.

  • What is Multi Select Capability?
    Multi Select Capability is a new product feature launched by Amazon Business to simplify the purchase experience. It enable customers to select, compare and purchase multiple variations of same product in a single purchase cycle without switching between the product detail page and the Cart. It also allows customer to benefit from quantity discounts by purchasing different variations of the same product.
    Prior to this launch, customers purchasing multiple items from one product detail page had to navigate back and forth between the Cart and the product detail page to select different variations of the same item (for example, a red and a green version of the same t-shirt). Additionally, they could not identify the quantity discount across various product variations and had to buy same variation to get benefit of quantity discount.


  • How does it work?
    1. Click ‘Go to multi-select’ option in the product detail page. A side sheet will open upon clicking on this feature.
    2. Choose any combination of size, color, or other options to add multi-select items to Cart.
    3. Go to Cart to check out and complete the purchase.


  • What are the customer benefits? |
    This feature streamlines the buyer journey when purchasing multiple variations of a single product. The feature enables customers to select more than one available variation of the same product in their buying journey, eliminating the need to toggle between the Cart and product detail page to add another variation. Moreover, this feature also helps customers take advantage of quantity discounts by allowing the purchase of multiple variations of the same product seamlessly.


  • Where are we launching?
    In the US only.