Removal of Amazon WorkDocs as a Business Prime benefit

Effective May 6, 2024, new Business Prime customers will no longer have access to the document storage tool
Release Date: 06 May 2024
Last Updated: 06 May 2024

Amazon WorkDocs will no longer be available as a benefit to Business Prime customers in the US, UK and Germany. 

  • What is Amazon WorkDocs? 
    Previously, Amazon WorkDocs for Business Prime was an exclusive benefit for Business Prime customers. Customers could organize, search, and collaborate on their Amazon Business documents from a secure, cloud-based location. Customers could access Amazon WorkDocs for Business Prime through Business Settings, Business Analytics, or Business Prime. Amazon WorkDocs for Business Prime held Amazon Business documents such as invoices. 
  • When does this change take place?
    Customers with an active Business Prime membership may continue to access data stored on Amazon WorkDocs until June 7, 2025. After this date, the Amazon WorkDocs site will no longer be available, and all content saved there will be deleted. To ensure customers do not lose access to any documents they wish to keep, this data can be downloaded and saved to an alternate preferred secure destination. Should customers need to access purchase documents, they can do so via Business Analytics Reports, My Orders, or Your Invoices at any time, as these options will remain unchanged. Read more about this change here
  • How can customers delete their Amazon WorkDocs site?
    To delete the Amazon WorkDocs site linked to a customer's Business Prime account, open the Amazon WorkDocs site, and navigate to Admin Settings. Under Settings tab, choose Delete Site and confirm the deletion. 
  • Does this change impact any other benefits of Amazon Business or Business Prime?
    No. Customers can learn more about their plan by visiting the membership benefits page. Here, customers can also compare and switch plans, or cancel their membership. If customers have additional questions, please contact our customer service team
  • Where is this change taking place? 
    In the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.