Business Giving Launch

Business customers can now create product vouchers to give gifts, rewards, stipends, and donations.
Release Date: 17 June 2024
Last Updated: 26 June 2024

Business Giving is now available for all Amazon Business customers in the U.S.

  • What is Business Giving?

Business Giving is a tool for purchasing and distributing items to others through product vouchers. Account administrators can create a campaign where they provide a description, set a budget, and campaign start and end dates. Administrators will add items to their campaign to specify which items vouchers can be used on, input recipient information and voucher amount, and set start and end dates, which limit when a recipient can redeem their voucher. Administrators can come back at any time to add additional funds or recipients and to track voucher redemption progress.


Recipients will receive their voucher through email and can redeem through either their Amazon business or personal accounts. They will then select an item(s) among the list created by the administrator and the delivery location. In the case that recipients want to select multiple items or an item above their voucher balance, they have the option to add an additional payment method to cover the difference. Recipients handle returns directly through Amazon.

Administrators can access Business Giving from the Business Settings page under Buying Policies.

  • How does it work?
  1. Create a campaign and set details, including budget, campaign start and end date.
  2. Create a list of items that your campaign recipients can choose from.
  3. Input each recipient’s email and voucher amount.
  4. Complete checkout and recipients will receive an email.
  • What are the customer benefits?

Common pain points around giving items for employers include ordering, unboxing, storing, and distributing items. Business Giving removes these manual processes and makes it easy to create and distribute vouchers for the purpose of giving gifts, rewards, stipends, and philanthropic support. Business Giving streamlines the process and enables the organization to give items while maintaining control over spend and item selection.

  • Where are we launching?

Currently, this feature is available for all Amazon Business customers in the U.S.



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