Guided Buying Update: Restrict Sellers and Block Sellers

Administrators can now create buying policies to restrict or block sellers.
Release Date: 28 June 2024
Last Updated: 08 July 2024

The Restrict Sellers and Block Sellers buying policies are now available worldwide.

  • What does it mean to restrict/block sellers?
    Administrators can now set a new Guided Buying policy that restricts or blocks sellers. If an administrator restricts a seller, the policy marks such offers with the badge “Organization restricted” to act as a warning for sellers. You can also add an approval workflow when buyers buy from restricted sellers. If an administrator blocks a seller, the policy marks products from that seller with the badge “Organization blocked” and hides them from search results.
  • How does it work?
  1. Visit Business settings.
  2. Select Buying policies and approvals under Buying policies.
  3. Select Add policy
  4. Go to Seller policies and select Restrict sellers or Block sellers.
  • What is the benefit for customers?
    This gives customers the option to restrict/block products from sellers due to past shipment and returns issues, product quality and safety issues, or organizational guidelines. These policies allow for administrators to be even more specific with restricting products and better manage how their buyers interact with Amazon Business.
  • Where is this feature available?
    Both policies are available worldwide. The restrict sellers policy is available for all Business Prime customers except those with Business Prime Duo. The block sellers policy is only available for Business Prime Enterprise customers.