Guided Buying Update: Restrict by Keyword

Administrators can now restrict products based on keywords present in the product title or description.
Release Date: 25 June 2024
Last Updated: 08 July 2024

The restrict by keywords policy is now available worldwide.

  • What does it mean to restrict products by keyword?
    Administrators can now set a new Guided Buying policy that allows them to restrict products by keywords that show up in a product’s title or description.
  • How does it work?
  1. Visit Business Settings.
  2. Select Buying policies and approvals under Buying policies.
  3. Select Add policy
  4. Go to Product Policies and select Restrict products by keyword
  • What is the benefit for customers?
    This gives customers the option to restrict products that don’t have a defined classification or products that may not be appropriately blocked by Restrict/Block UNSPSC category policies due to incorrect classification. This new type of policy also allows customers to be more specific in restricting products, in case they want to keep some products of a category and block others.
  • Where is this feature available?
    This feature is available for Business Prime customers worldwide, except those with Business Prime Duo.