Adding and removing users

Discover how to add users, resend invitations, and remove users from your Amazon Business account. 

Add and Remove Users from your Amazon Business account

Administrators can add users to the account one by one, or all at once by uploading a spreadsheet.


How invitations work

When a user is added to the business account, the admin assigns them a role, and an invitation to join is immediately emailed. Invitations are tied to the user's email address - the recipient cannot change the email address they used to register for the account.


End users must take action after being invited to an account in order to become an active user, as invitations are valid for 90 days from send date. Users will receive several reminder emails if they have not completed their registration. After 90 days, the invitation will expire and will need to be sent again by the administrator.


Three methods to add users

  • Add up to 20 users at once by email (easiest method)     
  • Share a link for users to request access
  • Add multiple users via spreadsheet


Admins will receive email notifications to Approve or Deny new user requests. When an admin approves a request to join, they will be prompted to assign a role and a group to that user. 


Resending invitations

Navigate to Business Settings, input user email address in the search bar to which you have invited the user, and select the correct group. Administrators can also find this by visiting the Members section of your Settings page. Select Invitations followed by Actions, and click Resend from the drop down menu.


Removing users

If you ever need to remove users, you can do so under the People section of Business Settings. Locate a user through the search bar or the People section of the account. Once the administrator has found the user's profile, they can choose to either remove them from a specific group, or from the business account as a whole. Extra steps may be required to remove a user completely from the business account.


Once a user is removed, they will need to accept a new invitation to regain access to the account.

Three ways to add users

  • To add a new user by email, enter the user’s email address and select the appropriate user permissions. Up to 20 people can be invited in this window at once.

  • To add a new user by sharing a new link, you can copy the link provided. This link is unique to your account, and will have its own URL. This method is helpful if you don’t have your user’s work email address handy. Share the link using your favorite method of work communication such as email, work messaging platform, or even send the link via text message.


    Once your user clicks on the link, they can specify which email address they want to use for their business account login.

  • To add multiple users via spreadsheet, you can use the provided template in your settings. Invite multiple users to different groups, and designate their roles on a group-by-group basis. After the spreadsheet has been uploaded, the admin will receive an automated report indicating any emails that were not able to be processed or invited. If an entry was unable to be processed, this report will provide more details on the error so that you can fix it and try again.

Manage users in your Amazon Business account