Amazon Business Analytics

Gain meaningful data through easy-to-understand visuals, charts, and dashboards.

Amazon Business Analytics

Discover the transformative power of smart business buying with Amazon Business Analytics. Gain valuable insights into spending patterns to help optimize your organization's budget.


Dashboard Home

To get started, log in to your account, and hover over ‘Hello’. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Business Analytics’. The Business Analytics homepage is your command center for analysis. It's divided into three main areas to give you a comprehensive view of your accounts.


Three Key Sections

In the first section, you'll see an overview of your account's performance. Keep track of essential KPIs based on selected time periods, such as total spending, savings, orders, and your top shopping category. The second section helps administrators better understand spending pattern details. The 'annual spend comparison' feature compares monthly spending to the previous year. For detailed order reports or to manage your budget, click ‘Orders report’ or ‘Create a budget’, and the ‘Spend by category’ compares spend between categories. 


Finally, navigate to 'Recent orders' to dive into details of the latest orders. Here you can view the order date, order ID, account group, order net total, purchasing user, and the order status. With one click, navigate to ‘Orders report’ to learn more. 


If you're a Business Prime member, you can access additional tools to analyze your spend. With Spend Visibility you can leverage pre-built reports and dashboards or create your own to drive smart budgeting decisions. Improve compliance with purchasing policies, and find opportunities to save in the future.

Explore actionable insights with Amazon Business Analytics