Manage your business delivery experience

Support your business buying by implementing smart delivery preferences tailored to your needs. 

Customize your delivery preferences to get items when, where, and how you need them

Take control of your business purchasing with smart business features to optimize your business delivery experience. Amazon Business adapts to your changing business needs. Get started today by customizing your Delivery Preferences in Business Settings, or set up recurring deliveries with the Subscribe & Save storefront.


How to set up delivery preferences

If you are a group administrator for your organization’s Amazon Business account:

1.   Visit Business Settings and navigate to Billing and Shipping and select Addresses.

2.   To add delivery instructions for a specific address, select Edit Delivery Preferences under Actions.


If you are an account administrator for your organization’s Amazon Business account:

1.   Visit Business Settings and navigate to Billing and Shipping and select Delivery preferences.

2.   Select Edit to update Delivery times, Amazon Day, Same-Day Delivery, and Observed holidays.


If you are a purchaser:

1.   Visit Your Account under Ordering and shopping preferences, select Your addresses.

2.   Click on Edit Delivery Preferences for the address for which you want to customize preferences.

Explore smart delivery preferences

  • Select pallet deliveries on eligible large shipments if your business is capable of receiving pallets. Amazon Business offers pallet deliveries to commercial addresses whenever possible.

  • Share addresses between groups of buyers or across your entire organization to help reduce duplicate entries in your address book. Dispersed teams can configure deliveries to multiple locations in a single building.

  • Choose one or two days of the week to receive eligible deliveries from Amazon (Amazon Day – available only to Business Prime members). This helps consolidate orders to your account on a single day making deliveries more consistent. Consolidating also reduces the number of boxes, which can help reduce waste.

  • Set delivery windows to specify when you'd like your shipments delivered during work days, helping reduce deliveries during hours when your business is closed. (Applies to shipments from Amazon Logistics)

  • Many organizations have different delivery points at the same location, multiple entrances to those locations, different entry codes etc. You can provide specific delivery instructions including:

    • Specific drop-off point to deliver shipments (e.g. loading dock, mail-room, front desk etc.)
    • Provide an access code or callbox number to enter the location
    • Offer instructions such as how to find the loading dock
    • Provide instructions about which entrance to use

Leverage smarter delivery features today