Learn how to use Bulk Buying Solutions

Request for Quote (RFQ) and the Bulk Buying Tool (BBT) support customers looking to make non-quoted and quoted large quantity purchases.

Request for Quote with Amazon Business

Through the Request for Quote storefront, buyers can request a discounted price on single-SKU purchases greater than $10,000 or 999 units—helping to support spot buys and buying in bulk for your organization. Once submitted, sellers in the marketplace have the opportunity to respond to your request with competitively priced offers.


How to initiate a quote request:

  • Login to Amazon Business
  • Select "Request for Quote" from the navigation pane at the top of the page, or visit amazon.com/requestforquote
  • From this page, you can browse by department, or search by keyword or product number in the search bar
  • Once you've found your desired product, toggle to “Buy new”, and click, “Buying in Bulk”
  • Click Request to Quote
  • Fill in all relevant fields and click “Request Quote” when complete
  • You'll receive a notification when your quote is rendered


You can check the status of your request at any time by navigating to Bulk Ordering and clicking “View request”


Bulk Buying Tool

How to use the Bulk Buying Tool:

  • Login to Amazon Business
  • Hover over “Hello, [Name]” and click Bulk Ordering. This will take you to the bulk ordering dashboard.
  • Click "Create a new bulk order"
  • Find and add the product(s) you are looking for. You can search for them with the manufacturer part number, supplier SKU, Amazon URL, ASIN number, or keyword.
  • Select your purchasing option (from a single supplier or from multiple suppliers) and click "Add all to cart."

Smart business buying with Request for Quote