Getting Started for Buyers

Enjoy the familiar shopping experience you're used to, while keeping your work and personal shopping separate.

Smart business buying starts here

Amazon Business combines the selection, convenience, and value expected from Amazon, with unique capabilities that can help improve your purchasing. As you buy for your business, you can enjoy the familiar shopping experience you're used to while keeping your work and personal shopping separate, and remaining compliant with your organization's policies. Enjoy instant access to millions of products with business-only pricing and selection.


Top business categories

Our top business categories include: office products, IT supplies, janitorial and sanitation, healthcare products, break-room essentials and more. We have convenient storefronts for these categories, so you can easily find best-selling products, locate top-rated items, and explore deals on single-unit items and bulk-pricing.


Business Lists

As a buyer, you have the ability to create reorder and shopping lists to help you save time finding the products you purchase on a regular basis, and help share your favorite items across your organization or externally for donation requests.


Manage your deliveries

Choose how and where orders are delivered by setting up recurring deliveries and specified delivery instructions. You can even allocate orders to be delivered to multiple locations, saving you time for those organization-wide purchases.


Support organizational goals

As a business buyer, you can also shop from curated storefronts featuring underrepresented sellers, such as our women-owned, veteran-owned, black-owned and Hispanic-owned business storefronts. This is a great way to buy from diverse suppliers. To support your organization's ESG efforts, you can also search for products from local sellers and small businesses.


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