Groups overview

Manage groups by logging into your Amazon Business account and selecting business settings and scroll down to the members section under groups. 

Groups Overview

Keep your users organized by learning how to create groups, and manage group settings in your Amazon Business account. To manage groups, sign into your business account, hover over hello, and select Business Settings Scroll down to the members section and select groups.

Groups are most often created based on departments, locations, account access type, or payment method. You can have root administrators for the account, who manage all individual groups, or, an administrator can be designated to a group to manage group settings and users, for that specific group.


How to create a new group

  • Hover over "Hello" and select Business Settings
  • Scroll down to the members section and select groups
  • Click the add group button from the top right of the Groups page
  • Enter the desired group name
  • Determine settings for the group
  • Click add group again to complete group settings


Group settings

Within each group, administrators can determine shared, individual, or both, settings for payment methods, and shared, or individual settings for shipping addresses. If you select shared settings, you must set up a payment method and add shipping addresses for buyers to choose from at checkout, or else they will not be able to submit their order.

To add these items, hover over hello, and select business settings. Group settings default to individual, so you will see that Payment Methods and Addresses are greyed out. Click Shared Settings and determine the settings for both Payment Methods and Shipping Addresses.

With Shared Settings enabled, the options will appear blue. Click on them respectively and add options for your requisitioner to choose during checkout. If you choose individual settings, requisitioners will be able to input their own payment methods and shipping addresses at checkout. These settings are independent of each other. For example, you can choose shared payment methods and individual addresses, and vice versa. Administrators can change these settings at any time.

Buying policies and approval workflows can also be configured specific to a group or subgroup.

Start managing groups in your Amazon Business account