How to pay your invoices

In this video, we’ll show you how to pay (or remit) your invoices with Pay by Invoice in just a few easy steps. 

A smarter way to pay your invoices with Pay by Invoice

Streamline your purchasing and reconciliation processes with digital invoices and access to consolidated, periodic invoicing with Amazon Business.


For ACH direct debit payments:

  1. Visit Your Invoices for Pay by Invoice page and Select Make a Payment.
  2. Be sure that your bank account has been added under Business Settings > Pay by Invoice > Accounts Payable Settings.


Note: Only administrators assigned at the root level (e.g. LEG Admins), will have access to both Make a Payment and Accounts Payable Settings pages. If making payments through the Amazon Business portal, you do not have to send a remittance.

To submit a check, EFT, or wire payments, follow the Remit To instructions on the invoice PDF.

If you have multiple Pay by Invoice accounts, batch payments by account to identify each payment to its associated account. 

  • Amazon business

    Wire transfer

    Include invoice details in the additional details field

  • Amazon business


    Include invoice details on the check stub

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    Other payment methods

    Include invoice details via email:

When you pay, include Remittance Advice — either with the payment itself or via email to — and provide your:

  • Amazon Business account number
  • Remittance date (optional)
  • Payment reference ID
  • Total remitted amount
  • Full invoice numbers and credit memo numbers listed with the date and amount (optional)


With just a few clicks, you can choose who in your organization should be allowed to access the information needed for invoice remittance. Under the Business Settings > People tab, you can add or assign the Finance role to give others within your account specialized finance permissions. They’ll be able to view account details, such as invoices, credit memos, order history, and analytics. But they can’t manage payments or access other parts of the account.

For questions related to past due notices, unapplied funds, and credit memos, contact Amazon Business Accounts Receivable at

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