Spend Visibility Overview

Learn how Spend Visibility helps uncover purchasing insights and analyze goals through interactive, visual, ready-to-use dashboards. 

Let Spend Visibility help you make smarter buying decisions

Business Analytics helps Amazon Business customers research, create, save, and download reporting on your organization's Amazon purchasing based on your business needs. Spend Visibility, enables you to take analytics a step further - rapidly uncover purchasing insights and analyze goals through interactive, visual, ready-to-use dashboards.


It's available for Business Prime Essentials, Small, Medium, and Enterprise plans. Learn more about Business Prime plans here.


Get started with Spend Visibility

  1. Log into your account and hover over 'Hello'.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select 'Business Analytics'. 
  3. Hover over 'Spend Visibility' and click 'Dashboards'.


Navigating the default Procurement Dashboard

Your default Procurement Dashboard displays total spend, average order size, number of orders, number of items, spend by group, and more, for the trailing twelve months. Hovering over the top right of each data card reveals a menu box, allowing you to maximize the chart, drill up or down, view summary data, or export data to CSV. Hovering over the chart area displays a list of items and their values, while hovering over a specific part of the chart shows the name and value of that item.


To access more dashboards, click the Quicksight icon in the top left corner. In this section, you can click 'Favorites' to view dashboards you've marked as favorites. Click 'Recent' to see dashboards you've recently viewed, or access pre-built dashboards including the Supplier Diversity Dashboard, Policy Adherence Dashboard, and Savings Dashboard.


Managing employee access to dashboards

To manage users who can access your organization's dasbhoards, hover over 'Spend Visibility' and click 'Manage Access'. As a user of Spend Visibility, you'll either be a reader or an author. This section lets you assign access within your organization.

  • A reader can view all dashboards, set favorites, and filter or drill down into dashboard data, whereas an author can do all this plus create new dashboards and analyses.
  • Author roles are only available on Business Prime Small, Medium, and Enterprise plans.


Spend Visibility grants access to highly visual, pre-built dashboards, and the ability to customize your own to support smarter buying decisions. It can help you improve compliance with purchasing policies and identify future saving opportunities.

Get started with Spend Visibility today