3-Way Match Overview

Learn how to use 3-Way Match from Amazon Business to help streamline the reconciliation process on desktop and mobile.

An introduction to 3-Way Match for desktop and mobile

Completing a three-way match for multiple purchases can be a complex and time consuming task for any organization. Three-way matching is a common accounting practice that combines all of the data from a purchase order, invoice, and receiving slip. By automating the process of uniting these three key documents, your organization can efectively validate that their purchase is received and accurate and avoid paying for incorrect, damaged or missing items as well as shave hours of the reconciliation process. When completed manually this task is extremely time consuming and prone to errors. 


Using 3-Way Match from Amazon Business allows you to automate this process and helps support timely delivery, payment accuracy, and compliance within your procurement process. Plus, with Amazon Business Analytics you can drill into the details of the status, order quantity, date received, receiver name, to make the reconciliation easier for customers.


Whether you’re at your desktop or away, you can use the Amazon Business mobile app to view and track the receiving status. Even more, you can use the mobile app to open up the camera on your phone to scan the barcode of your package upon delivery making it seamless to bring together the purchase order, invoice, and receipt all on your mobile device.

How to get started with 3-Way Match

    1. Sign in to your Amazon Business account and go to Business settings.
    2. Under Billing & shipping, select Receiving, and then choose the appropriate group or subgroup.
    3. Select Receiving Settings, and then choose Yes, track receiving to allow the designated receivers to mark items as received or not received.
    4. Select Save to save your changes and enable receiving.
    1. On the Receiving page, select the order for which you want to update receiving. You can use the Refine by filter or use the Date range filter to find orders.
    2. For each item in the shipment, enter the quantity of items received or select Mark everything received to mark all items as received. 
    3. Select Save to save the details.
    1. Download the Amazon Business Mobile App.
    2. Sign in to your Amazon Business account and go to Business Settings.
    3. Under Manage Your Business select Receiving (3-Way Match).
    4. Select Scan code and allow camera access to scan your packages barcode.
    5. Point your camera at the barcode or data matrix code on the shipping label to get to the Receiving screen.
    6. If you have received all of your items in a delivery, select Mark everything received.
    7. If you have not received all of your items in a delivery, select Items missing or Received for each item.

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