How to Configure 3-Way Match

Speed up the reconciliation of three-way matching by tracking, inspecting, and receiving items in one centralized place with 3-Way Match on Desktop and Mobile.

Take back your time with 3-Way Match

Remove manual, error-prone processes that cost your team hours and your organization money. With Amazon Business's 3-Way Match you can automate the process of verifying an item's purchase order, invoice, and packaging slip to mark items as received. In addition to your desktop browser, 3-Way Match is available on the Amazon Business mobile app, for simple receiving away from your desk.


Getting started

  1. To get started, navigate to Billing & Shipping in your Business settings.
  2. Select Receiving, and then select the appropriate group or subgroup. 
  3. Select Receiving Settings, and then choose, "Yes, track receiving" to allow the designated receivers to mark items as received or not received. 
  4. Click Save.


Types of roles and permissions

Administrator and Finance roles are receivers by default for all items in their group and subgroups.

  • You can add anyone in a group as a group receiver. They can mark group items as received and access order information for groups they’re assigned to.
  • An individual buyer can only mark their own items as received


Set up on mobile

Now that receiving has been enabled for your business, you can now use 3-Way Match from your phone.

  1. To get started, install, and sign in to the Amazon Business mobile app, and go to Business Settings under Manage Your Business. 
  2. Select Receiving (3-Way Match)
  3. Tap the "Scan code" button to begin receiving an order.
  4. If prompted, select "allow access" to use your phone's camera to scan the barcode.


When the order arrives, open the Amazon Business mobile app, go to the receiving page to open your phone's camera, and scan your package - it's that easy. If you have received all of your items in a delivery, select Mark everything received If you have not received all of your items in a delivery, identify missing or received item.

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