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Education Solutions

Software tools for compliance and cost savings

Make it easier and faster for educators to get what they need. Join guest speaker Rick Gay, from Spring Branch Independent School District, to hear how purchasing with Amazon Business can help save administrator time and empower staff members.

Drive compliance

Balance educator empowerment with purchasing control.


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    Create buying policies to guide good purchasing behavior

    Define buying policies that work for your organization. With Business Prime, you can take advantage of Guided Buying to steer your educators towards categories and sellers your organization recommends. Set spending limits and identify preferred products or sellers, or block restricted sellers or categories.


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    Allocate pre-approved budgets to avoid excessive spend

    The Budget Management tool enables administrators to allocate funds to educators, so they can manage their own budget and timeline. Take advantage of a simplified reconciliation process, saving you time and increasing visibility to your organization's total spend.  

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    Integrate your purchasing system

    Open a free Amazon Business account, and onboard as many educators as you want across multiple locations. Integrate your existing purchasing system using Amazon Business punchout so that your educators can obtain unrestricted access— and you can maintain purchasing control. 


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Cost savings

Less money spent on purchasing means more to spend on education.


  • Purchase through cooperatives

    Connect all staff to one account where you can set up workflows, tax-exempt purchasing, and buy through the OMNIA Partners contract, other leading cooperatives.



  • Consolidate purchases

    Educators can spend less time driving to stores, but still purchase from hundreds of thousands of selling partners, all in one place and avoid wasting time finding, negotiating, and reconciling purchases including suppliers of education-relevant categories.  


  • Flexible payment options to improve cash flow

    Pay by Invoice enables eligible organizations to get 30-day interest-free payment terms. With Business Prime, you can get extended payment terms of up to 45 or 60-days, depending on your membership tier.


Don't have an Amazon Business account? Create a free account and get moving with Amazon Business.