Benefits of Account Switching

  • Simplify account access

    Reduce manual work of toggling between accounts. You don’t need to log out and log back in to switch accounts.

  • Separate your personal and business purchases

    Retain unique personalization while switching seamlessly between your Amazon personal shopping and Amazon Business purchasing accounts.

  • Maintain account security

    Maintain a safe separation of information between your Amazon personal and business accounts.

  • Keep purchasing flexibility

    Use account switching on any device, including your work computer, home computer, or mobile phone.

Switch to your business account

Step 1: Go to your account drop down menu.

Amazon Business home page with your account drop down menu open

Step 2: Choose "Switch Accounts"

Orange dot over the "Switch Accounts" text in the dropdown menu

Step 3: Select or add your Amazon Business account.

List of accounts with Amazon Business account chosen and an "Add Accounts" option at bottom

Already using the Amazon Shopping App for personal shopping?
Conveniently switch between your personal and business accounts
Go to: Menu > Settings > Switch Accounts

Switch to your business account