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Nonprofit Solutions

Reshape buying to focus on your mission

Join Andrew Krzmarzick, head of Nonprofits and NGOs for Amazon Business, for an on-demand webinar about digital solutions available for nonprofit organizations.  See a demo of Donation Driver, and learn more about other software tools that can help your organization thrive.

Cost savings with transparency

Provide transparency and accountability for money spent by your organization, while saving on purchases and managing your cash flow.


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    Up to 65% off Business Prime membership*

    Business Prime membership is available at up to 65% off for nonprofit organizations. With Business Prime you get FREE one-day and two-day shipping on millions of items, and other business-relevant benefits.


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    Give donors a new way to contribute

    Using Donation Driver, you can create wish lists of mission-critical items your organization needs. You can allow donors to purchase items on the wish list, and ship the items directly to the recipients. Contact your customer advisor to enable this feature for your organization.

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    Identify compliance issues

    With Business Prime, you can leverage Spend Visibility, a data visualization feature that can help you make smart budgeting decisions, locate buyer compliance issues, and find future savings. And, you can track purchases tied to diverse businesses and local businesses, to better inform your buying strategy.


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    Purchase now and pay later

    Pay by Invoice enables eligible organizations to buy now and pay later at no interest, with approval, on 30-day payment terms.   

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    Easy-to-read reports with actionable insights

    Identify purchasing trends by tracking purchases made by individuals and groups within your organization. Choose from any one of the available standard reports: orders, shipments, returns, refunds, reconciliation, and related offers.


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    Professional Services support

    Our Professional Services team helps further your organization’s procurement strategies, including support to architect solutions, manage new account launches, expand existing programs, and help you view and analyze spend.


*Special discounts up to 65% off of annual membership are available to eligible nonprofits. If you are a 501c3 Nonprofit and do not see these prices while signing up for Business Prime, please contact Amazon Business Customer Service.

Drive compliance and save time

Monitor spend as every dollar represents a choice between funding critical staff, operations, and programs vs. administrative overhead. Less time spent purchasing means more time to spend on your mission.

  • Integrate systems with punchout

    Integrate your e-procurement system with Amazon Business punchout so that your team has open access to business buying, and you can still maintain purchasing control.  

  • Simplify approvals and auditing

    Identify approvers for your buying policies so that staff can easily obtain approvals for purchases when required. This online process has a clear audit trail thus offering you the visibility and control you need to ensure donors’ money is spent responsibly.

  • Give staff freedom to purchase within a budget

    Utilize the Budget Management tool to give your staff the freedom to purchase what they need, within a time-bound  and pre-approved budget.

  • Encourage good purchasing behavior

    Extend your spirit of service to your community by developing buying policies that guide staff to purchase from local and accredited diverse sellers.  

  • Consolidate purchases

    Spend less time driving to stores, but still purchase from hundreds of thousands of selling partners, all in one place, and avoid wasting time finding, negotiating, and reconciling purchases.  


  • Simple tax-free buying

    Enroll in Amazon’s Tax Exemption Program to make tax-exempt purchases. Avoid the need for your staff to call-in to customer service centers to obtain the waiver post-purchase.

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