Streamline purchasing with Integrated Search

Start your purchases on Amazon Business using Punch-in

Make it easier for buyers to browse with a simplified shopping experience that integrates with your procurement system  

Amazon Business Punch-in benefits

  • simplify the buying experience

    Simplify the buying experience

    Your buyers can begin their purchases on the Amazon Business website and take advantage of the familiar shopping experience to add selected items to the cart, then use your organization’s e-procurement system for checkout. Punch-in is ideal for both occasional buyers and experienced buyers that prefer the Amazon Business shopping experience.

  • drive compliance

    Drive compliance

    Route a larger share of your spend through your e-procurement system to help ensure your company’s purchases are in line with your organization’s buying policies and approvals processes.

  • drive compliance with purchasing policies

    Improve spend visibility

    Gain additional insight into your Amazon Business spend. Empower your organization to make budgeting decisions and save time on reconciling one-off expense reports.

Integrating Amazon Business Punch-in couldn’t be easier. For customers who already have a Punchout integration with a Punch-in enabled e-procurement system, it is as simple as flipping a switch. If you have not yet completed your Punchout integration, that is the first step to enabling Punch-in.


  • In order to set up Punch-in, you will need to have Punchout enabled first. Once Punchout is enabled, your Customer Advisor can simply turn this feature on if your e-procurement system is configured for Punch-in.

  • Punchout and Punch-in are both ways in which Amazon Business customers can easily shop our catalog of products. The key difference is Punch-in allows you begin to your business purchase on the Amazon Business website before submitting your completed cart to your e-procurement system, while the Punchout purchase process requires you to start the process in your e-procurement system.

  • Yes, Punch-in works with your Single Sign-on-enabled account.

  • Yes, you can start your purchasing journey with Punch-in on the Amazon Business mobile app or by accessing Amazon Business through a browser on a mobile device. From either mobile environment, you can add selected items to your cart, then use your organization’s e-procurement system for checkout.

  • Mostly no, you do not need to be on your company network. You can login to your Amazon Business Punch-in enabled account from any location and any computer. However, there could be instances where you would need to be on your company network, based on your Amazon Business account administrator’s policies.

  • We currently integrate with systems from ClickApporter, Compleat, NB Solution, Onventis, and Precoro.

  • Your Customer Advisor will be able to provide you with this information upon request. Click here to contact your Amazon Business Customer Advisor.

  • Contact your Amazon Business Customer Advisor and let them know you are interested in the Punch-in feature.

  • No, users that buy via Punchout can immediately use Punch-in, too. For users who intend to buy both on Amazon Business website and through Punchout/Punch-in, we recommend mapping them to at least two separate groups – one with Punchout / Punch-in permissions (Punchout user access) and the other with Direct Website permissions (requisitioner access). When customers have both permissions on the same group, Direct Website purchase permissions take precedence over Punch-in.

To get started with Punch-in, contact your Customer Advisor.