Cleaning Tips for your business

Cleaning Tips for Your Business

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High traffic common areas need to be regularly cleaned, but there are several things to consider when it comes to these types of areas in the work place. Breakrooms are typically used by all employees throughout the day so maintaining cleanliness is vital to the health of your employees. Establishing a cleanliness standard, having a complete stock of hygienic supplies, and educating your team on how to effectively maintain cleanliness are just a few tips to keep your breakroom a welcoming place for everyone.


Best Practices for Cleaning Your Breakroom

When figuring out what the best practices are for cleaning and disinfecting your breakroom, consider the following:

  • Frequency of use: Surfaces and areas used multiple times a day should be cleaned after each use. Wiping down tables, chairs, or countertops multiple times a day can prevent the spread of germs.
  • Level of cleaning necessary: Some areas of the breakroom may require a deeper cleaning than others. This can include sinks, trash/recycling areas, and door knobs since these are areas that are high traffic and have a higher risk to harbor germs.
  • Food storage: Any area where food is stored, whether it be in cabinets or the refrigerator, should be regularly cleaned to prevent the spread of germs. Keeping food labeled, regularly cleaning storage areas, and throwing out spoiled food can help keep your breakroom area safe for employees.
  • Educating your team: Informing employees of best practices when it comes to maintaining cleanliness will make this a team effort, and encourage accountability. Ensure that all employees know where the cleaning supplies are located and how to use them effectively.


Cleaning Products & Supplies

Once you have figured out what the best practices for maintaining the cleanliness of your breakroom, you will then need to consider what products and supplies you will need.

  • Paper Products & Dispensers: This can include tissues, wipes, or paper towels that are easy, one time use products for cleaning up liquid messes or drying hands after they have been washed.
  • Hand soap: This is a necessary product to prevent the spread of germs and should be readily available at every sink.
  • Cleaning accessories: This can include mops, towels, brushes, sponges, and other cleaning tools.
  • Cleaning Solutions: This can include liquid or powder based cleaners for a variety of surface areas.
  • Recycling & Trash: Garbage bags and clearly marked receptacles for recyclables or trash will help keep your breakroom clean and organized.


How to Save on Cleaning Supplies?

Though this is an additional expense to keep your employees healthy and safe, there are many ways to save when purchasing cleaning products.

  • Save by buying in bulk: Most suppliers carry many product options and want to move as much of their stock as quickly as possible. Purchasing your items in bulk can save you money by granting you access to quantity discounts, and less orders mean you can save on shipping.
  • Spend Analysis: this tool though Amazon Business, can help you track every dollar spent so you can most effectively manage your purchasing budget.
  • Recurring deliveries: Save time and money by signing up for free recurring deliveries. You can adjust the products and frequency of your orders as your needs change. Customers have also saved an average of 5% when signing up for this service. 
  • Business Prime: Enjoy Business Prime benefits with your Amazon Business account with free 1-2 day delivery on eligible products.


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