Cold Beverages Buying Guide for your Business

Cold Beverages Buying Guide for your Business

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Having a well-stocked breakroom is a great way to boost employee morale. One important element of a fully supplied breakroom is providing a variety of cold beverages such as water, sports/energy drinks, carbonated beverages, and drink mixes. Offering easily accessible beverages to your team can help keep them hydrated and focused throughout the day. Depending on the size of your business or breakroom, there are several of factors that you must consider when making your purchasing decision. Read on to learn more about what breakroom beverages are available, things to consider when making your purchase, and how Amazon Business can help.


Cold beverage options

Water – Make sure your team stays well hydrated by offering a variety of water options including alkaline, flavored, coconut, mineral, sparkling, and carbonated waters. Available by the pack or the case, you can purchase the right amount to keep your break room well-stocked and with recurring deliveries through Amazon Business, you won’t have to worry about missing an order. Water is also a healthy beverage option with many products being low in calories, sweeteners, and preservatives.


Sports and energy drinks – Keep your team’s energy up and electrolytes replenished by shopping our wide selection of energy and sports drinks. You can find a variety of flavors from top energy drink brands such as Monster and Red Bull. Also, discover sport drink options such as protein rich shakes, nutrient enhanced water, and meal replacement shakes. If you are buying in bulk, you can purchase some beverages in cases up to 24.


Carbonated beverages – For a fruity beverage option, you can shop a variety of bottled drinks from brands such as Gatorade, Izze, and Bai. Also with cases available up to 24 count, you can easily buy in bulk to have a sufficient supply for your breakroom.


Drink mixes – Shop a selection of drink mixes from fruity powders in a variety of flavors to nutritionally rich chocolate meal boosters. You can also purchase quantities from single serve packets to a 2-pound tub to best fit the quantity that your breakroom requires.


Things to consider

Now that you know what cold beverage products are available, you must also consider the specific needs of your business when placing your order. Not every breakroom is going to have the same needs or facilities, so consider the following when deciding what products you should purchase.


Shop from a single source: Cut down the time it takes for you to shop around for the right products at the best deal by shopping from one source that has multiple suppliers. On Amazon Business, you can shop for all your business needs in one place and easily compare prices between products.


Buy in bulk: When procuring all the cold beverage products your breakroom needs, the cost can add up quickly especially if you are buying in large quantities. Seek out suppliers that offer quantity discounts on bulk buys or wholesale sellers that can give you a deal on retail prices, which can save you money on your orders.


Storage space: Be sure to choose the correct size and amount of product for your business in order to be as efficient as possible with your workspace. If purchasing in bulk, consider how much storage you have available to store unused product. Also, to help keep beverages cold, consider what available refrigeration space your business has.


How can Amazon Business help?

Managing orders and supplies can be a lot to undertake, but through Amazon Business, you can keep track of your purchases, manage your budget, and reduce and automate your orders. In addition, you can get discounts on qualifying bulk orders that can help you stay on budget. For further savings, sign up for Business Prime, which offers unique benefits that are customized to your unique business needs. Learn more about how Amazon Business can help through the links below.


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