How to save money on your IT purchases

How to save money on your IT purchases

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Almost every industry these days has gone digital and that requires an essential list of IT products needed to keep your business running smoothly. From computer monitors to power cords, the cost of these items can add up quickly, so knowing how to save on your wholesale IT purchases can make a significant difference in how your organization spends their budget.


Being aware of your organization’s needs and necessary IT items is crucial to smart spending. Below is a list of common IT products and how they can be useful for your business.

  • Monitors – Any business now uses a computer in some capacity, so having a monitor that fits your needs is essential. Companies that work in the graphic design field will require high quality screens to be able to see every pixel. Businesses that work with spreadsheets may require larger or multiple screens to manage their data. Knowing how your business will be utilizing monitors will help greatly in finding the right product for you.
  • Computer Accessories – Your IT needs may go beyond just finding the right monitor. Cables and adapters can help you stay connected, while docks and stands can provide a more comfortable workspace and keep you connected with ease. To help keep your IT investment and organization data safe, locks and privacy filters are the perfect product. On the other hand, maybe you are bringing your business with you on the go. Computer bags and cases can help protect your product while traveling.
  • Computer Components – Storage is another essential component to your IT purchases. Hard drives, graphic cards, memory cards, and flash drives are a few products that can store your organization’s information and assets.
  • Computer Peripherals – Keyboards, mice, headsets, webcams, drawing tablets, and speakers are essential items to turn your computer desk into a full on command centre for your business.
  • Networking – Keeping your business and employees connected can make a huge impact on productivity. Wi-Fi extenders, network switches, and adapters are the perfect tools for ensuring your team stays connected.
  • Power, Batteries, & Surge Protectors – Having safe and sufficient power for all your IT products is essential to keep your business running. Having backup batteries for a wireless mouse or a surge protector to help manage all your power cords will ensure that you will not miss a beat in keeping up your business.


Once you have narrowed down the IT product needs for your organization, you can strategize how to save when purchasing these products. Consider the below tips and tools for what would work best for your organization.

  • Quantity Discounts – Most suppliers want to move inventory as quickly as possible and one way to do that is to offer quantity discounts, where the more you purchase the more you can save.
  • Recurring Deliveries – Cut down on time spent on your purchasing process by setting up free recurring deliveries on Amazon Business. This is ideal for items that you consistently need to replenish, and you can extend your savings up to 5% by signing up.
  • Create a business account– Signing up for Amazon Business is free, and gets you access to millions of products and solutions that can fit your organization’s unique needs. For even more tools for your business, Business Prime offers five membership tiers to fit your business needs where you can also get additional benefits like fast, free shipping on eligible items and progressive discounts.
  • Efficient sourcing – Amazon Business offers over thirty-eight million IT products from top brands all in one place , but they also have tools, such as Spend Analysis, to help keep you on top of every dollar spent.
  • Business Prime – Upgrade your Amazon Business account to Business Prime to get fast, free shipping on eligible items, as well as custom membership tiers to fit your business needs and to ensure that your organization is running smoothly and efficiently.


Are you curious to learn more about how Amazon Business can help you with your IT purchases? Check out our IT page and see how much you can save.

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