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Why Buy Janitorial and Sanitation Supplies in Bulk

Every business needs to maintain the cleanliness of their facilities, which is why janitorial and sanitation supplies are essential items for every organization. When making purchasing decisions on such supplies, consider the types of products that would work best for your facilities, how much product is sufficient for maintenance, and how to make smart buying choices to stay within budget.


Types of Janitorial and Sanitation Supplies


When selecting cleaning supplies for your business, keep in mind that regular household cleaning products differ from commercial-grade cleaning products. According to Allied Facility Care, commercial-grade cleaning tools are typically much more powerful than the cleaning supplies you would use at home. Stronger vacuums, high-speed floor scrubbers/buffers, or high-grade sanitizing chemicals have been specifically designed for janitorial tasks because they need to regularly maintain a larger space. In addition, when needing to maintain a large facility, purchase items in bulk to ensure a well-stocked supply.


Things to consider when purchasing


Keeping these items in stock will help ensure that your facilities will be clean and safe for your employees. To make informed buying decisions consider the following.

  • The size of your facility: larger companies will typically need to purchase a larger amount of cleaning supplies to maintain their facilities.
  • Frequency of use: high traffic areas are bound to experience wear and tear, but also may contain more germs.
  • Types of areas that require maintenance: for example, does your facility have carpet or tile flooring? This is the difference between having to invest in vacuum or mop to keep your floors clean.
  • Essential items: there are basic janitorial and sanitary products that every facility should keep on hand such as paper towels, hand soap, trash/recycling receptacles, disinfecting wipes, facial tissues, etc. to help maintain cleanliness.


How can Amazon Business help?


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