Essential Janitorial and Sanitation Supplies for Your Business

Essential Janitorial and Sanitation Supplies for Your Business

Having a substantial stock of janitorial and sanitation supplies is key to creating a clean environment for employees. A well-maintained facility can also ensure the health and safety of your team and provide an organized, productive environment. With a variety of janitorial and sanitary supplies, knowing what is available and how they can help the needs of your business will help you decide on which essential items to purchase.



Types of Supplies

  • Paper Products: This is probably one of the most basic and essential categories for cleaning supplies. Paper towels, facial tissues, toilet paper, and dispensers fall under this category. These items can be used to clean up most basic messes around the workplace.
  • Cleaning Chemicals: Maintaining facilities with cleaning chemicals can help clean and deodorize your workspace. Multi-purpose cleaner is a great janitorial essential to because it can clean a variety of surfaces. For bigger messes or larger areas, commercial grade cleaners and tools are necessary to get the job done.
  • Cleaning Tools: Basic janitorial cleaning tools are essential in maintaining cleanliness in any business facility. For smaller spaces, having a broom, dustpan, mop, bucket, and general cleaner on hand is enough to help maintain cleanliness. However, for bigger facilities, janitorial carts, commercial grade cleaning buckets, or a mop wringer bucket are necessary tools to keep larger areas clean.
  • Waste Management: The right waste management products can make a big difference in the ease of keeping your workspace clean. Bins and bags for trash and recycling are essential to your janitorial and sanitation supplies. This category can also include cigarette receptacles for designated smoking areas and feminine hygiene product receptacles for restrooms.
  • Floor Maintenance: This essential janitorial task should be maintained in any type of business facility. Whether you have tile floors that require mopping, or carpets that need heavy duty vacuuming, floor maintenance tools are necessary when purchasing your janitorial and sanitary products.
  • Restroom Supplies: Nobody likes a poorly maintained restroom, so ensuring that your business has the essential janitorial supplies is important. Plungers, toilet scrubbers, cleaning products (toilet cleaner, surface sanitizers, hand soap, etc.), hand dryers, paper towels, and face tissues are all basic products that should be readily available in your restroom facility.



Residential vs. Commercial Grade


It is also necessary to know the difference between cleaning items used in residential spaces and the cleaning products used in commercial settings. According to Allied Facility Care, commercial products are much more powerful since they are used to maintain larger spaces, or areas that require deeper cleaning. The strength and durability of commercial products whether it is the sucking power of a vacuum, or the disinfecting capabilities of a cleaning chemical, is much stronger than what you would require at home.



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